The association ‘Energy for Solar Solidarity and Sustainable Development’ (E2S2D) is created to contribute i) to saving energy and promoting renewable energy, and ii) to sustainable development, including its social, environmental, economic dimensions.

Its mission is the development, promotion and use of solar energy in support of sustainable development, in France and worldwide. For example, this includes high and low temperatures thermosolar technology, such as solar furnaces (3000°C, for small and medium size enterprises) and solar ovens (120°C, for cooking within families).

Ensoleillement mondial Mean annual sunshine in the world

The association E2S2D aims to install solar furnaces for SMEs in islands and rural areas, and solar ovens (with greenhouse effect) for families, the later with the help of school children and their mothers. This will reduce operating costs for SMEs and cooking costs for families, thereby counteracting high prices of energy and food products. The association stresses training, acting with lasting and leveraging effects, and generating local jobs.

Thus, thermosolar energy can be used at local level in an autonomous way, with multiple social, environmental and economic benefits, both tangible and visible for people. While nearly one billion people live in extreme poverty1 (UN source) and suffer from chronic hunger (FAO source), and while a million death are caused by inappropriate cooking, yearly worldwide, affecting primarily women (WHO source).

E2S2D is a non-profit association under French law.


Solar solidarity − thermosolar − poverty − chronic hunger − solar furnaces − solar ovens − sustainable development − green economy − social, environmental, economic benefits − lasting effects − local jobs − multiplier effects − autonomous energy − women - non-profit − health.

  1. Extreme poverty is defined by a revenue below 1.25 USD per day and per person.